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Mobil Delvac Grade Long Life Grease 5kg

Delvac Long Life Grease 5kg is a long lasting, durable, non-caking and anti-corrosive heavy duty grease designed for use in forklift applications. This grease guarantees low friction and extended wear life of the cylinders due to its lithium soap base structure. 
 These industrial lubricants are specially formulated to withstand the extreme loads and intensive working conditions associated with high speed machinery. These premium, lithium soap based blends provide outstanding anti-wear protection and optimal boundary lubrication. The unique formulation of DEVSOL grease has been developed over many years and provides unmatched performance under a wide range of applications including: agricultural vehicles, automotive industry, construction equipment, power transmission components, marine applications, mining equipment etc..
Mobil Delvac long life grease is a high quality, multipurpose, NLGI 3 grade, lithium grease based on an ISO VG 160 mineral oil. It is formulated to provide added protection against rusting and water washout in general purpose automotive applications at moderate temperatures and loads.

 Features and Benefits
 Mobil Delvac long life grease  is suitable for general purpose automotive applications and provides the following benefits:
Wide operating temperature range
Good resistance to water washout
Extra protection against rust and corrosion
Excellent structural stability
Lead, chlorine and nitrite free
Mobil Delvac long life grease is recommended for the lubrication of automotive chassis components, wheel bearings, clutch bearings, universal joints and ball joints of steering and suspension systems of passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors and most other types of mobile equipment operating under moderate conditions. The recommended operating temperature range of Mobil Delvac long life grease is -20 Deg C to 120 Deg C. In applications where heavy or shock loading is a factor, extreme pressure greases are preferred.'